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Algebra Basics

Topic Basic Medium Advanced
Algebraic expressions
Evaluate expressions
Order of operations
Commutative and associative properties
Distributive property
Combining like terms

Solving Equations

Solve by adding or subtracting
Solve by multiplying or dividing
Solve using multiple steps
Solve equations (miscellaneous)


Graph Inequality
Compound Inequality
Solve Inequality
Absolute Value Inequality


Positive exponents
Negative exponents
Product of powers
Quotient of powers
Power of power
Power of product
Power of quotient
Simplify the expressions


Polynomial addition
Polynomial subtraction
Multiply two monomials
Multiply monomial and polynomial
Multiply two binomials
Special Product-1
Special Product-2
Special Product-3


Find the GCF
Factor out GCF
Factor a quadratic with leading coeff 1
Factor a quadratic with leading coeff (not 1)
Factor by grouping
Factor a perfect-square trinomial
Factor difference of 2 squares
Factor completely
Solve by factoring


Add and subtract radicals
Simplify using distributive property
Multiply radicals
Divide radicals
Solve radical Equations

Quadratic Functions and Equations

Solve by completing the square
Solve by Quadratic formula
Solve by factorization
Draw the graph of a quadratic function

Linear Equations

Slope-intercept form
Point-slope form
Standard Form
Parallel and perpendicular lines-I
Parallel and perpendicular lines-II
Horizontal and Vertical lines

System of Linear Equations & Inequalities

Classify the solutions
Solve the system of equations
Graph Inequality
Graph System of Inequalities